Your trip starts with us in Padang, but you need to do your airline reservations to make it on time for the speedboat transfer to the island, which leaves around 1 pm the day of departure. Knowing this, you should give yourself more than 3 hours, so you should be getting a plane that gets to Padang no later than 10 am. Some guests prefer to arrive the day before and stay the night in Padang in which case we will arrange your hotel for you.

The Trip

Depending on where you are coming from (Australia, Indonesia, America, Europe…) you would be arranging your trip differently. Our guests will be usually coming through Jakarta to Padang or Kuala Lumpur to Padang (Air Asia). Once in at the Airport in Padang, our main driver will be there to take you to our meeting point and join the rest of the group. Usually we use a Hotel lobby where you can relax, and do your last things before you come to the island. 

  • Meeting around 6.30 for a great breakfast in the restaurant and depending on the wind and swell conditions we get on our speed boats and go find the best waves possible.
  • Come back for lunch and relax for as long as you need.
  • We go back out surfing again depending on our group, around 2 or 3 pm for our evening session until dark.
  • Showers, a great dinner, check out all pictures, relax and talk about our plans for the next day….

“10 days of surfing here represent years of good waves at your local surf break.”


Our main goal is showing the best surf you can imagine but also, fishing and spear fishing have become very common activities in our resort and we have noticed an increasing amount of guests bringing their own fishing gear and ready to get out there for some great fun.

Over the past 2 years we have been out looking for good spots and we have found amazing fishing areas near reefs and in Deep Ocean.

Over the past 2 years we have been out looking for good spots and we have found amazing fishing areas near reefs and in Deep Ocean.

Thanks to a radar system we discovered amazing pinnacles in deeper waters that come up to only 5 meters below the water surface and where large pelagic such as Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, King fish, Giant Trevally, Mackerels, King Barracudas and others can be found patrolling the reefs and only 5 to 10 minutes from our resort.

We have a few fishing rods, spear guns, snorkels, fins and other fishing gear but we strongly recommend bringing your own.

We are more than happy to take you fishing for a whole new different experience.

Our reefs and marine life are rich and spectacular and you will most likely be able to see all kinds of reef sharks, turtles, stingrays, manta rays large pelagic, beautiful reef fish and much more.

“10 days of surfing here represent years of good waves at your local surf break.”


Before you start a trip with us you may start thinking what to bring with you and we list you some tips right below.

  • Surfboards. At least 3, but it also depends on how hard you want to charge.
  • Wax. 2 or 3 packs should be enough.
  • Leashes. Make sure you bring at least a strong one, then a couple of normal thin ones.
  • Towel. We provide you with a towel at the beginning of the trip but you can also bring an extra one.
  • Waterproof sunscreen is highly recommended. We are right on the equator.
  • Mosquito Repellent. We have at the resort but you are welcome to bring your own.


Your health is a very important part of your trip and we try to have all our guests as informed as possible about this subject so that they stay healthy while they are with us.

  • Malaria pills. This is your choice, there is Malaria in the Mentawais but Malaria is a disease that passes from one person (that has Malaria) to another and we are the only ones on the island so the chances of getting it are very small.
  • Anti allergies.
  • Antibiotics for reef cuts.



So you have booked with Botikresort Mentawais and now you have to arrange your flights to arrive in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Once you have done this, please contact us to let us know via e-mail your flight information.

We suggest you search for flights with your local travel agents, they will be able to help but remember that you can always contact us for any questions you may have.


If you are going to stay in Indonesia for no longer than 30 days, all you need is to get a tourist visa at the airport once you have entered the country.

It costs 25 USD. Please contact the Indonesia embassy in your country of origin to ask for more information if you need.

If you are intending to stay longer, you will need a 60-day visa from your country of origin.

You can also enter Indonesia with a 30-day tourist visa and extend for another 30 days at the immigration office.

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